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  • “New MSI Claw Gaming Handheld To Compete With Steam Deck”

    MSI has entered the handheld gaming PC market with its latest offering, the MSI Claw A1M handheld. Unlike most handhelds, this device doesn’t feature an AMD solution. Two other handhelds also exist with similar offerings in the very poorly named Emdoor EM-GP080 MTL and the One X player X1, which is interesting as fuck because it is…

  • Tekken 8: The New King of all Fighters?

    Tekken 8: The New King of all Fighters?

    The fighting game scene is currently packed with exceptional offerings from various companies, each bringing their A-game. We’ve already witnessed Capcom redeem themselves with Street Fighter 6, which had a massive rebound from the divisive Street Fighter 5. While Mortal Kombat 1 fans may disagree, even as a hardcore MK fan, I have to give…

  • South of Midnight: Graphical Love, Everything we know so far

    Goddamn, have you seen the reveal trailer for South of Midnight? It’s mind-blowing! Xbox Games Showcase 2023 gave us a morsel of this new third-person action-adventure game!



    Sega is breathing life back into “Jet Set Radio”, sparking excitement among fans. The provided image is an intriguing screenshot…