The Art Of Dishonored 2: An Amazing Journey Into A Dark World!

Son of a bitch, I’m hooked on this franchise! Dishonored: Death of the Outsider became an impulse purchase, and little did I know what an incredible experience awaited me. The game’s eerie yet expansive atmosphere drew me in from the start, as I stealthily slithered through halls, eliminating every person in sight. This led to hours of exploring the intricacies of level design, reveling in the game’s attention to detail. In particular, I took immense pleasure in releasing bot flies and watching enemies and NPCs succumb to their relentless onslaught. Good times…and a clear sign that this game was worth every minute of my time. The Art of Dishonored 2 would soon be in my grasp.

“Some people say about the original game that it’s a living painting. It’s a success in terms of how do you manage art in a video game.”

As an avid reader, I stumbled upon “The Art of Dishonored” and “The Art of Dishonored 2” and swiftly added them to my cart. These books did not disappoint. Although I hadn’t played Dishonored 2 yet, I eagerly delved into the book and found myself immediately captivated by Emily’s character, setting the stage for my eventual decision to choose her as my protagonist. With this in mind, I resumed my murderous rampage through the city as I had with Billie, once again awed by the haunting and immersive atmosphere that the Dishonored series effortlessly creates. But who deserves credit for crafting these sensory symphonies? A remarkable team of artists, led by Sébastien Mitton, including the likes of Cedric Peyravernay, Piotr Jabłoński, Sergey Kolesov, and more. Together, they have truly achieved something extraordinary.

Sébastien Mitton knew that he and his team created something special.

In a previous interview with Gamereactor, Sébastien celebrated his team’s phenomenal work, expressing his utmost satisfaction with Dishonored 2. “Some people say about the original game that it’s a living painting. It’s a success in terms of how art is managed in a video game. And now that we’ve raised the bar in every corner – graphics, content, message – I don’t feel that I can’t be satisfied. I’m really satisfied with the result. This is the first time I’ve reached the point in a project where there is nothing I want to change.” As an artist myself, I can’t help but appreciate the achievement of a team reaching their peak creative flow and producing something truly spectacular. The world they have crafted is undeniably a living painting. Prepare to immerse yourself in the stunning visuals below.


This piece evokes awesome dread.​ The Art of Dishonored 2 is overflowing with such artistry.

❤️❤️Emily ❤️❤️

Hey there Delilah……I hate you.

Included above is an image of the main villain in Dishonored 2. While she may not be as captivating storywise as the marvelously crafted villains of the previous game, there is no character in this series that infuriates me more.

I am utterly enamored with this stunning art collection, and it would be criminal not to have a copy of your own. Don’t miss out – grab the official book here.

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